Summer Sightseeing

Holiday experiences in and around Lungau

Mauterndorf Castle

At Mauterndorf Castle, you can look forward to an exciting journey back in time to the Late Middle Ages. Get to know the lord of the castle, Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach and his retinue in person

Hohenwerfen Castle

( ca. 50 km in the direction of Salzburg)
This castle offers guided tours including the weapons collection, a stylish castle tavern, the Knights Store, as well as the historic State Falconer with daily flight demonstrations.

Schloss Moosham

Immerse yourself in the world of the Middle Ages at 1256-year-old Schloss Moosham. Family tours are offered of the torture chamber, grain silo and the lord’s chambers.


Salzburg is the provincial capital and a rewarding destination for a day trip, with a whole array of sightseeing opportunities. Get to know the house where Mozart was born, stroll along the world-famous Getreidegasse and enjoy the palace gardens of Schloss Mirabell.

Porsche Automobile Museum Gmünd

The only private Porsche automobile museum in Europe, founded at the place where the FIRST cars to bear the name PORSCHE were made (1944 - 1950).

Finstergrün Castle

Finstergrün Castle in idyllic Ramingstein doesn’t only offer you magnificent views of the Lungau region, but also a secret or two. As you explore, a trained guide will be right there at your side.

Ramingstein Silver Mine

Enjoy intriguing insights into the historic Ramingstein mine. Learn how silver and other minerals were mined here as recently as 200 years ago.



Immerse yourself in the cool waters of Lungau’s most popular swimming lake. Prebersee lies at over 1500 m above sea level and is part of the Niedere Tauern Nature Sanctuary. The extraordinary flora and fauna of the lake are best discovered during a hike along its shores.

One unique Prebersee highlight is known as Preberschiessen. At this intriguing shooting event, competitors do not aim directly at the target itself, but rather at its reflection in the water. Due to the unusual density of the lake water, the bullet ricochets and hits the target standing on dry ground. The Preberschiessen is held annually on the last weekend in August.


With a height of 3798 m, the Grossglockner isn’t only the tallest mountain in Austria, it is also one of the highest in the Eastern Alps. Just in front of the pyramid-shaped Grossglockner is the slightly lower Kleinglockner (3770 m), between the two of which lies the so-called Glocknerscharte.


Enjoy a marvelous ride from Rennweg into Pöllatal Nature Sanctuary on the Choo-Choo Train. We definitely recommend taking a stroll along the new pathway next to the Lieser River. On info boards, it presents the special features of this habitat and the valley as a whole.

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World of Ice Giants, Werfen

At a total length of over 40 km, the Werfen ice caves are the longest in the world. Sturdy shoes and warm clothing are recommended.

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Maltatal Reservoir

A place with a fascinating history. Where visits become memorable nature experiences: whether the untamed romance of a rocky canyon or the gentle green of the valley, whether imposing waterfalls or the magnetism of the eternal glacier. The 14.4 km long Malta Hochalmstrasse will bring you to the Kölnbrein reservoir. Inside the dam wall itself, learn all about eco-friendly hydroelectric power generation, or step out onto the “Airwalk” to enjoy the breathtaking views.

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Nockalm Road

For nature lovers especially, a ride along the Nockalmstrasse is a very special experience. Feel the wind in your face, stop wherever you want or, on your journey through the Nockberge mountains, stop in for refreshments at one of the many huts along the way.

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