Lungau – ski-touring paradise

Explore the mountain world away from the pistes

Do you love the physical challenge of ascending the mountain, the thrill of reaching the summit and the wonderful sensation of a deep-snow run? 
For experiences such as these, we are able to offer you a wide variety of ski tours and a full range of difficulty through the wonderfully snowy mountain world of Lungau. 
If you intend to explore on your own, a ski-touring guidebook is available at the tourist office.
In it you will find extensive tour descriptions including photographs, maps and 3-D elevation profiles. 
Please note that ski touring is generally prohibited on all pistes after 5 PM .

If you are interested in guided tours, certified ski-touring guides are happy to offer their services.

Gumma Tour

Start: 1197 m
Summit: 2315 m
Ascent time: 3 hours
Downhill run: 1100 vm

Preber Tour

Start: a.) 1520 m; b.) 1197 m
Summit: 2140 m
Ascent: a.) 3.5 hours; b.) 4.5 hours
Downhill run: a.) 1200 vm; b.) 1550 vm

Mosermandl Tour

Start: 1340 m
Summit: 2680 m
Ascent: 4 - 5 hours
Downhill run: 1300 vm

Tafelscharte Tour

Start: 1340 m
Summit: 2236 m
Ascent: 2.5 hours
Downhill run: 996 vm

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